The Pessimist’s Optimistic Way to Obtain World Peace

People of our societies often view world peace as the solution to all world issues. “The end of wars will result in the end of poverty, inequality, pain, suffering, hunger, conflict”.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Frankly there is no possible way to prove that the end of wars would initially bring about world peace mainly because world peace is simply not attainable (sorry). Peace cannot exist with the countless contraries in our society

People live in lavish mansions while families live in one bedroom apartments. Some earn millions while others barely earn a dollar per day.
Others waste while some scrap.  The opposites in the world cannot coexist if world peace is to be obtained.The world consists of too much hatred against people of different contexts. How can something like hatred, that is so deeply rooted, simply be eradicated from existence?  People are raised on the beliefs that another person, or group persons, does not live the “ideal” lifestyle or are lesser of human being due to physical appearance or social background.  The cold hard fact is that racism, sexism and discrimination will always exist within our societies. In the near futures, hopefully, these will become less and less apparent in the world but stating that they will be non-existent is not realistic.  Certainly I would love the world to be free from all prejudice, but such a reality does not seem possible in the present structure of our world.  Presently I do not foresee a future without war where the populace exists in peace.  Such a reality is basically the setting of utopian science fiction movie. The orthodox pessimist, who represents half of myself, sees the world as a foredoomed planet predestined onto a course of war, destruction, inequality, and nothing but total chaos. That’s the pessimistic half of myself. The optimist, on the other hand, sees that world peace is attainable but only in a sci-fi fashion.

I would love to live in a world free of war. But the natural trait of man is to fight those who oppose what he stands for. We always fought and we always will. Man once owned sticks and stones and now possesses the nuclear bomb. The destroyer of worlds .  Such weaponry exists and can obliterate the existence of an entire people in an instant. Daunting.  The pessimistic optimist, that is I, could only foresee a world that lives in harmony in the most cynical way. By utilizing such weapons to wipe out most of the population only leaving a small quantity of people to survive. This very few, probably in the millions, would live on and build the “New World”. The “New World founders” would have to comprise of an overly diversified group of individuals originating from a variety of social backgrounds. This method, in the even that it works, is simply massacre, remind you that this is the pessimist in me speaking who sees a foredoomed future. Aldous Huxley, in his novel “Brave New World” bluntly stated that we, us of the present, annihilated ourselves through an atomic war (a war which is entirely possible). The world was built from this and united through the most disturbing methods. The optimist in me grows utterly frightened of this pessimistic perspective of the only way we can achieve world peace. Nonetheless, that half of me, the optimist, sees that such a pessimistic method could bring about peace.  If the new peoples are overly diversified perhaps they are open-minded individuals who view each other as equals despite originating from different cultural backgrounds. These peoples, who are not infected with man’s previous minds (our present minds) of hatred and corruption, could possibly build the “New World” completely free of any violence.  I previously stated that erasing the existence of hatred is utterly impossible. How is it possible in this instance therefore? As these new individuals reside at the canopy of the new family tree they have the memory and understanding of the past world (our present). These individuals simply do not share the meanings of hatred, prejudice or violence with their children. As a result their children will have no notion of what hatred is and what it means to be violent. Their children’s children, therefore, will be incapable of hating or understanding the meanings to inequality as such meanings no longer exist. Only the founders of society comprehend the meanings to such emotions and will not pass on these feelings with their descendants. By the 4th generation of society, the populace will be unknowingly living in a world without inequality or hate against other peoples. Remind you that this is the optimist speaking and this is the most unrealistic possibility to obtain world peace, nonetheless quite interesting.

The realistic way to obtain world peace, although time consuming and probably would not be constructed in my time, is to simply teach the youth that all are equal. People may not understand that the children of today or the world leaders of tomorrow. Perhaps the youngsters of society are ill-educated by the adults of today who possibly don’t want to see a world as good as theirs, quite pessimistic yes. Nonetheless, by educating the people of our futures, that is I, of the negatives of prejudice and hatred, perhaps we can move towards a society that is freer of war and contains more peace, but not entirely peaceful.  This method does not lead towards a world of shared beliefs, ethics, or morals. Our futures still should consist of arguments, debates, discussions and dissimilarities of the mind. This method moves towards a future that was more pure and less filled with hatred than yesterday. The current minds, unfortunately, dwell on the past, endure the present and hope for a future that will be better than today. This is why division in the world exists, due to the consciousness always dwelling on the events of yesterday. But this optimistic method of educating the youths on the nonsense of hatred and war, for however many centuries it may take, moves towards a future that never neglects the past and builds the present into a future that could possibly be better than any other past realities. Possibly.

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