Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

A question which troubles me on the daily is the meaning of dreams. There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories to what the meanings of dreams are. All of which I have considered but have not entirely accepted. After having a dream journal for about a year and half now, I have seen a pattern in my dreams. They grow more vivid, more lucid, less-linear, more unique, even disturbing at times the more I record them in this journal. What I’ve found increasingly strange is how my dreams often match my realities, how they often become too similar to the events of my life. Since the creation of my dream journal, I have devised multiple theories to the meaning of dreams. My favorite? The subconscious ability to glimpse in to present and alternate timelines.

If, in theory, our brains are more “active” while asleep, perhaps are cognitive abilities when sleeping surpass those when we are fully awake For example, a strange incident happened to me quite long ago. I dreamed of an event and in the morning of my wake that fable came true. Except I don’t remember the visuals attached to this dream. This “story” was merely suggested to me and eerily came true hours later. That was an immediate connection to the present. Other times I grow concerned with the clarity of dreams. Events that I thought had happened were only proven to be fictional when someone pointed out to me that that never occurred. Yet it felt so real and I had no memory of dreaming this dream.

Often my dreams are extremely weird and overly disturbing, not scary, and I can’t help if to think that these dreams are a link to an alternate timeline of myself, my life, and our universe in an alternate reality. A reality that is either possible or currently exists. If the universe works “mentally”, if the human mind is a product of the universe simply experiencing itself subconsciously, perhaps our dreams are interconnected. What if there is a me, you, us or we somewhere out there, or somewhen out there,  dreaming of their possible timeline that is our reality?

What are dreams? Perhaps they are a disturbance……..

6 thoughts on “Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

  1. It’s a cool theory but a hard one to pin down. It is plausible that our dream world could be an alternative reality to our waken world. I’ve had deja vu moments. I do wonder if those moments are something we have dreamt of and visited in our sub conscious. Our brains are active to repair cells and re charge. I do think keeping a journal could possibly make your conscious self more in sync with your sub conscious self. There are so many theories out there.

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  2. As an old man interested in dreams since high school I’ve studied quite a bit. I’ve read Carl Jung and the Senoi Indian’s ideas as well as Tibetan dream yogis. There are different kinds; from the spilling off of all of the crap you picked up in the corner of your eye during the day to the tapping into a higher consciousness.
    The only way to accurately interpret and sort out dreams is exactly the way you’re doing it… keep a dream journal; log your daily events and keep asking yourself “what are dreams” and “what is reality”? It’s a fascinating life long journey.


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