A Post When You Have Already Finished

One of the aspects of life I ruminate the most on is indefinitely time. I often linger in my thoughts, in my sleep, questioning and hoping one day I unravel how it works. If it exists only to the human race as a unit in order to quantify what we call life. If there exists anti-time, a dimension elsewhere, or even elsewhen, where the you that woke up this morning has just awoken. At this very line, is there a me who has completed the post. Perhaps if I close this laptop and rest that me is erased and I proved that he hasn’t existed but I created a me who currently lays in bed  haven’t I? Is there even a past, present or future? I mean the past was once a present future. Once the present happens it’s already the past and the future is simply an already passing present. Is it out of our cognitive abilities to linger outside our 3-dimensional prison? Is lingering in to the 4th dimension the next stage of evolution? Do such beings already exist?

Ask yourself this here and now “do I remember when I started reading this? Is there a me out there who has just started reading or a me that has always finished? Why do I keep following my time shadow?”

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