Is There an Answer?

Part 1 of how “us” began.

Why is our world engulfed in madness? I truly believe in God(s) but I am a thinker, an analyzer of subtexts. Why must we suffer, lose, feel pain and promote violence when God is there? Is (s)he not meant to protect? The answers proceed………….

After the universe prior to ours was engulfed in a great battle, Light vs Darkness, the power proved to be so immense that their (“their” being the previous inhabitants of our universe) cosmos was ultimately destroyed. The Leader of the Light was eligible to gather his followers and converted this power in to the ultimate expansion and “slipped” into another cosmos. Here, The Leader’s energy brought about what we fathom as stars and galaxies but in actuality what we saw were The Leader’s “Guardians”. Ordered to protect the ends of our cosmos from the Dark, The Guardians stood still and protected the “slip”, the beginning of our universe, from the entry of Darkness. Guardians stood firm near the “slip” and as The Leader pushed further and constructed civilizations in his image, the new cosmos was at peace. This peace was not eternal after all as once again the shadows found the Light…….

Part 2 of how “us” began. 

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