We Were [are] Protected by the 7

Part 2 of how “us” began.

Darkness “slipped” through, unseen by The Guardians. As The Leader pushed further through the new cosmos, building new worlds, new civilizations, Darkness trailed, corrupting The Leader’s new built civilizations.  Of course The Leader was aware of Darkness’s presence, but another battle would destroy the new cosmos that The Leader worked so hard for. The Leader decided to appoint 6 Guardians to each civilization (world/planet) with the sole purpose to protect these civilizations from the dark and guide them to peace. Each set of 6 Guardians overlooked a single world, known as “posts”, together. Leader reached a point in his “push”, a point where the planet “Earth” now resides, and simply created this planet, as he has down millions of times since the “slip, and continued his “push”.

Now “us” inhabited Earth and we protected by The 6 for what seemed like eternity. Earth, as it is still today, was occupied of very basic civilizations in the multi-dimensional populace ranging from societies of mostly Thirds and Fourths (we are Thirds). The Thirds (us) were simple beings only able to “see” as we moved down the path we call life. They could hardly conceptualize the meaning of existence and thus created “time” to better understand “life”, as they would call it. The Fourths (they) lived in another dimension, and were able to truly see the meaning of existence as it merely was and did not construct time to understand the deeper meanings of “life” . They were even aware of The 6 Guardians, they being the Fourths of course, were even aware of “The Leader” who I believe the Thirds “us”, refer to as “God”…………..

What was the beginning? 

8 thoughts on “We Were [are] Protected by the 7

  1. Started cliche but got very interesting very wuickly, cant wait for more! 🙂
    Also, as a amateur fiction writer, this is inspiring me to post some of my stuff haha


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