First Encounter: The Dark [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 6 of how “us” began.

At the Third, Darkness was confronted by the Sixth, our Guardian. A defining moment in our timeline that resulted in the dystopian “now” that we live in (maybe just you). For the first “moments” the Sixth stared at Darkness with peculiarity [Note! It is impossible for us Thirds to fathom the image of Darkness as “it” is an embodiment of itself. The entity’s appearances, therefore, are infinite making it impossible for our finite minds to imagine Darkness. Simply put, on the materialistic world (the Third) Darkness resembles the silhouette of a man standing in the foreground of a sunset. Indistinguishable yet anyone, anything could read the contents of its soul with ease. Pure Darkness].

Darkness neared and circled ‘round the Sixth. It neared closer and closer near our Sixth and let out the first line of a whisper when suddenly a great white light separated the two. Blinded by illumination, Darkness stumbled backwards and caught the faint image of 6 mighty beings. It was the other 5 Guardians and God. Instantly the white beings seized our Sixth and slipped back to the post.

For the Thirds, please read  Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 and Part 5

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