Intermission. Shall we Depart? [Translated For the Mind of a Third]

He tried to squeeze his hand in-between the space of the television and the wall, reaching for the remote batteries. His middle finger gently scratched the surface of one battery but not enough to pull it near him. He placed his specs on the shelf closest to him after realizing that they were prohibiting his head from fully squeezing in-between the cosmos of furniture and cement. Again, he squeezed his hand between the crease and reached for the batteries. Finally! He acquired one battery. Now for the other. But he had not felt the battery in his field of touch. He then lay eye to carpet in search for the other battery, but to his surprise it was not there. After dusting himself off he searched the room with hopes to find the black and green cylinder. But nothing. He could swear that he had seen both batteries fall within the space of furniture and wall, but only one battery was found. Once again he squeezed his hand into the crease. Pushing further and further until something, or someone, grabbed him. Before his eyes saw the last shimmer of daylight disperse through the window he fell into the void

In the tiny space, there existed a world universe that was infinite. A glimmering spectrum of purples, blues and whites came into vision. He tried to scream but no sound echoed. He tried to run but his feet reached no ground. He was just floating in endlessness. He was floating, flipping and spinning, without control in this everness. But he regained control when a cylinder passed his field of vision. The battery! He had not questioned why he entered this cosmos or how. All he cared for was that battery. He floated after it. Reaching, reaching, and reaching until the miniature cylinder finally landed in his fingertips. Yes! He rejoiced. But this feeling of exuberance died shortly when he questioned his return back to the materialistic realm. As he continued to spin and flip, flip and spin, a shadowy figure that was distinguishable in the foreground of the purple illumination neared him. It grew closer and closer until it shoved him……

Our character then stood at the same point in time and space when he dusted himself off and searched for the battery. He had no remembrance of entering the void at all, it was as if these events had never happened but You and I know it did. He had not felt the slightest bit of curiosity of how the battery had disappeared and he did not need to, as you have felt many times before. He shrugged it off, as you have done, and reached for his glasses on the couch. His peripheral vision had caught the image of a shadowy figure but, just like you and me, he ignored it and neared the closet for another battery

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