Before Dawn, Utopia was Imminent [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 7 of how “us” began.


THEY ARE THE FOURTHS [residents in another dimension]

At the post, the Leader (God) thought what was to be done with Darkness and the return of the shadows. The Sixth, our prime guardian, was overwhelmed with his previous encounters with Darkness and its exploitation of the Leader. The lonely Sixth questioned the importance of contributing at this post (our world), why the Leader had journeyed off into the cosmos with the others, and why the….. (the Sixth’s thoughts were stopped short). The Seventh spoke and proposed the greatest offer to the Sixths (our guardians). The Seventh gave each Sixth a specific power in order to protect this post from the emergence and possible proliferation of the shadows.

Life was given to a Sixth to ensure that our “future” (as you would call it) was one of peace, love and happiness. The Sixth of Life could interject in our world, and the Fourth’s, if Darkness had infected the stream of time.

Death was given to a Sixth to ensure that the journey between the materialistic world and the spiritual world was one of ease.  The Sixth of Death was not the grim reaper but could save a Third, that is you and I, (possibly just you) from the possibility of detrimental futures.

Illumination was given to a Sixth in order brighten the paths of time for the Thirds. When we lose the way, the Sixth of Illumination lit the candle of courage and strength.

Enlightenment was given to a Sixth to withhold the secrets of our cosmos and the one before the “slip”. To a special few of Thirds and Fourths, the Sixth of Enlightenment distributed the mystical knowledge of creation and the truths of reality. Look closely around you and these special few will become apparent.

Intervention was given to a Sixth so that those at the Third, and at times the Fourth, could be protected from the dawn of the Darkness. This Sixth limited the ability of knowledge seekers, and those touched by the Sixth of Enlightenment, to acquire the truths of reality itself. The Sixth of Intervention is possibly the strongest of the Sixths, with the power to craft omnipotent beings in its image. These beings were placed across the Third and disguised to replicate us. Referred to as “angels” in your Third, The Beings of Intervention can be noticed by those who seek their existence.

Darkness was given to our prime Guardian, the Ignotus, the confused Sixth. Indeed it was dangerous to give this conflicted Sixth the power of Darkness, but no other Guardian understood Darkness as this one did. The Sixth of Darkness was not given this power to spread the entity but instead to remove and aid those in the Third and Fourth who may be lost within the parameters of morality. The Sixth of Darkness was possibly given the most significant power of all, for if this Guardian fell, the Third, and possibly Fourth, would fall along with it.

The power to move freely across space and time as well as the ability of omnipotence was given to each Sixth in order to guard us (possibly you) to the fullest extent. If this is so, why is our world so “Dark” then?

For the disorientated Third, visit  Part 1, Part 2 Part 3 Part 4,  Part 5 and Part 6 for a better understanding.

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