My Favorite Superhero Shows

The big screen proved to be too small for the superhero genre as the Marvel and DC universes continue to expand on our televisions (nowadays the computer screen ). I have nothing but respect for the producers, directors and writers of these shows who have created unique and interesting stories for some of the most beloved comic book characters of all time.  Some comic book fans have struggled to watch some of the shows listed below due to their over-jocular atmospheres or even their quirkiness. This list will not only rank the superhero shows I watch, but also defend some shows that I believe have received unnecessary backlash. Enjoy!

Personal Statement:  Certain Marvel and DC shows are not on the list as I honestly view them as canon.

6. Legend’s of Tomorrow 


Indeed Legend’s of Tomorrow is young having yet to complete a full season, let alone 10 episodes, nonetheless the direction this show is heading ensures that the outcome is promising. The ensemble of some of our favorite heroes, and a few baddies, from the Arrowverse have proven to be an exhilarating, charming, funny and exciting bunch to watch. Downside? The show diminishes the heroism of the Green Arrow and The Flash as they are not joining the fight. If the world was truly at stake, why wouldn’t Oliver Queen and Barry Allen help out? Simply stating, Legend’s of Tomorrow could very much be a “cash grab”  disregarding how its story may affect the heroes they share the very same  universe with.


5. Supergirl


I am sorry, but I don’t appreciate it if you do not like this show. You don’t even need to watch it, but please admire what its attempting to do.  Supergirl is empowering to the feminine and features some of the best visual effects on this list. Supergirl, in fact, is the sole DC show, let alone superhero show, which has proven to show the immensity of a comic universe by introducing Krypton, White Martians, and even Martian Manhunter in under a season! Not to mention an adaptation of Bizarro, a future cross-over with The Flash and an introduction to villain Silver Banshee! Honestly, this show could move up my list very fast if it continues to be optimistic and take the risks it has in the first 15 episodes.

4. Arrow 


Frankly, Arrow’s quality in writing, style and fighting is not consistent. Some episodes are draw dropping in their action sequences others are extremely stale and some episodes have some moving moments while in others the acting falls short. Nonetheless, 4 seasons in, I am quite impressed with the progress Arrow has done in developing a supporting cast and giving the Green Vigilante some interesting story arcs, such as flashbacks which highlight his 5 year disappearance.  What I do love about this series is how it takes risks and is not afraid to showcase “what it is”. Arrow has also successfully expanded a small screen DC universe and has also paid unique homage to its substance material.

3. Daredevil 


Netflix’s Daredevil has proven that the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante can be given justice. The show is gritty, well directed, well acted, has a strong supporting cast and arguably has the best and most realistic fighting sequences than any other show on this list. Season 2 will feature fan favorite Frank Castle, a.k.a Punisher, and ELEKTRA (one of my favorites) meaning the anticipation is extremely, extremely high!

2. Jessica Jones 



Without a doubt I loved Jessica Jones more than Daredevil. The writing is sharp and features, undoubtedly, the best directing on this list. What I truly admire from this show is its political messages; something which was under discussed when reviewed. To elaborate, the ubiquitous and omnipotent presence of the villainous Kilgrave is indefinitely the embodiment of rape itself, highlighting that the worst part for women, or men, after being violated is the days, months and years which proceed the action. This thought never occurred to me until viewing this show which cleverly represented the hardships women who have been violated face. In addition, Jessica Jones proves to be an empowerment of the feminine through characters such as Jessica, her friend Trish and even  through Carrie Ann Moss’s female portrayal of Jeri Hogarth.

1. The Flash 


The Flash is truly the best superhero show ever made. Its quirky, funny, action packed, the supporting cast is unmatched in its genre and features astonishing special effects for network television. The choice to make a family as iconic as the Wests Black Americans sets a statement on how the barriers of race continue to shatter in our societies.

In the first season alone, the show was able to introduce Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, the Reverse Flash and time-travel! Now, half-way into the second season, Grodd has returned, as has a Reverse-Flash from another time, Zoom has been introduced and so has the idea of a multiverse! Indeed, I do have some issues with the show such as the inconsistency of Barry’s speed, how they keep referring to the Reverse-Flash as Harrison Wells and even the false depiction of speedster’s “streaks”. Nonetheless, these are all minor issues and are buried beneath the surface when the overwhelming diversity of this show is taken into consideration.

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