At The Hands of The Architect

Hatred. It is assumed that this idea has been embedded in the human conscience. That it is a part of our nature. It resides within our DNA. It is what makes us human. And why should we not assume so? Since the dawn of humanity man has known hatred better than he knows the stars in the sky.  Man has known hatred better than the seas he fish in. Man has known hatred better than he knows himself.

As brethren of creation we have failed to coexist. Man has cut down Man. Man has cut down Earth. Gaia  brings winds and storms and great quakes in response and cuts down Man. The cyclical nature of life. The first men were destined into a world of Hatred and the last breaths will crumble before it. Fight acceptance with denial. The Architect created reality and all we know with a hand so steady it is mistaken for stillness. Why, if constructed in the image of Almighty, were we gifted with the regressive instinct to Hate? Why were we fabricated into beings with the ability to destroy? The ability to assert power? Simply, the meaning of reality indicates that there exists an inverse. There is power and there is weak. There is existence and destruction. Life and Death. Light and Dark.

Dark. The entity of hatred. Darkness. Existing before me or you. Before the first eyes. Before time was forever. Before the very universe we reside in was created. Darkness. So ever-present that it existed even when the Architect molded reality. A shadow so powerful that it existed on the hands of the Almighty. The same hands which fabricated the yous and Is which threw us at Gaia.  As we descended towards Gaia; Darkness. A being so saturated, that it slipped through fingers of the Architect and followed our descent towards Gaia and fell. And fell, and fell, and fell….

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