Blog Maturity

I have come a long way with this blog and am quite impressed with the progress I have made as both a thinker and writer. I want nothing more than for this blog to improve its content and quality.

Fairly recently, I have turned this blog into a place where I also share some of my short stories. Short stories that I am really proud of writing as a teenager and short stories which, surprisingly, resonated well with some readers. Before I continue on and add new story arcs I thought that it was appropriate to re-tell some of the stories in a newer, more mature fashion. Mostly the [Translated For the Mind of A Third] Arc. I am doing this to see progression and maturity in my writing and hopefully tell this story-arc in a more clearer way.

I hope you enjoy the short-story posts which follow as well as my other posts.

Still, please feel free to check out my previous short-stories.

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