5 Movies That Make Me Happy

Film, going to the cinema and talking about the movies makes me so happy. There is no better way to cheer myself up when feeling down than watching a film. Especially watching a film I’ve watched 1000 thousand times and can recite the lines throughout the duration of the story. You know? Those movies that you will always love despite the incredible amount of times you’ve viewed them. I want to share some of those movies and hopefully introduce you to a world you may be unfamiliar with. Here are 5 movies that make me happy.

Short Term 12

Now We Should Get Out of HereLate Rides

I previously wrote on Short Term 12 and its cinematic realism but what I hadn’t discussed about his how wonderful the story was. Short Term 12  is that film which will rip your heart in two, tape it together and (hopefully) make you smile at the end. The story follows Grace (Brie Larson) who works at a home for “at risk teens” with her partner Mason (John Gallagher Jr.). The story, which is seemingly simplistic, happens to be extremely layered and features extraordinary acting by Larson and her co-actors. Each character feels so real that its easy to lose yourself in their world and their issues. As sad and depressing as some parts of the film may be, director Destin Daniel Cretton never fails to squeeze in a laugh or a warm moment shared between two actors on the screen. Sure you’ll be crying throughout its duration,  but once the keys of Joel P West’s play towards the end  it’ll be tears of joy you’ll be crying.

School of Rock

2003_the_school_of_rock_wallpaper_002 (1)


School of Rock is that family movie which never fails to make me laugh even when I am at my lowest. Dewey (Jack Black) has just got kicked out of his bad. He has no job, no money, no life. Things go his way when he poses as a substitute teacher at a prestigious elementary school.  As the teachers and students grow more and more fond of him he develops the stupidest plan.  Instead of teaching his young students math and science, he teaches them rock and roll in order to aid him win a Battle of the Bands competition. The premise is truly ridiculous , but its so fun and oddly heart warming to see his students’ love for rock and roll  grow along with their admiration for him. School of Rock is a must see and hopefully it will leave you wishing that one of your elementary teachers prepared you for an epic performance on the stage instead of preparing you for Friday’s spelling quiz.

Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind


The most unconventional love story I ever watched is Eternal Sunshine. It stars Jim Carrey, who plays Joel and Kate Winslet who plays Clementine. Joel and Clementine meet each other on a train and end up becoming a couple on that exact night. They are weird, which I love,  funny and seemingly the cutest couple. Their relationship appears to be strong and unique until there is a time jump in the story and we see an emotional Joel destroyed after he discovers that Clementine has somehow erased him from her memory. Joel intends to do the same and the rest of the film takes place inside his head as his mind begins to erase all memories of Clementine. Unlike most love stories which see a developing relationship develop, Eternal Sunshine sees a developed relationship “undevelop”. It is an extradonairly directed and unique story that will suck you in from beginning to end.

“I could die right now, Clem. I’m just… happy. I’ve never felt that before. I’m just exactly where I want to be.”

Eternal Sunshine is a must watch for those looking for something different. For some, the film may not exactly make them happy but will undoubtedly alter the way they view love, memories and those who they care about.

The Parent Trap

 The Parent Trap, starring a young Lindsay Lohan, is essentially the story of twins Annie and Hallie whose parents divorced and separated the two at birth. The identical couple, both portrayed by Lohan,  miraculously meet each other at a summer camp and devise the insane idea to switch places in order to meet the parent they have never met before. The two of them also intend to bring their divorce parents of 11 years back together again. As crazy as the story may seem, The Parent Trap is the quintessential Nancy Meyers film; fun, witty, well directed and features a heart felt story with an ensemble of likable characters.

Back to the Future

It goes without saying that the Back to the Future franchise is one of the most beloved in cinematic history. Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) unintentionally travels back time  a  DeLorean created by his mad scientist friend Doc- Dr. Emmett Brown. Marty, a resident of 1985, ends up in 1955 where he meets a younger version of Doc who helps Marty get “Back to the Future”. Things get weirder when Marty meets his own mother who begins to fall in love with him. Marty  now  faces the difficult task of not only getting to 1985 but also setting up his parents with each other so that he can exist. Back to the Future has been labeled as the best blockbuster ever by some, one of the greatest time travel films and one of the greatest films ever made (I-I say that). It’s a film which casual movie goers will definitely love and cinephiles, like myself, will rave over the incredible screenplay, great pacing and wonderful direction by Robert Zemeckis. Its a comedy, drama, sci-fi and action film all in one.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

You will love Back to the Future not only for its fun, exciting and amusing story but for the parent-child relationship theme it presents. Marty, like some of us, struggles to connect with his parents until he meets their younger selves. In 1955 he realizes that his parents were once young too, something that we all forget sometimes, and his relationship grows stronger with them. Of course some of us don’t have a time traveling DeLorean but we do have the film Back to the Future which may make you appreciate your parents a little more than you did before.

Let me know what films make you happy and if you have seen any of the films on this list!


4 thoughts on “5 Movies That Make Me Happy

  1. I love your list and this post! Several of your films would make my list too. For me, I’d add ‘(500) Days Of Summer,’ ‘Love, Actually,’ ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Dumb & Dumber,’ any of the Star Wars films, and Richard Linklater’s ‘Before…’ Trilogy. Those tend to be the ones I go back to again and again.

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    1. Thank you so much! I also love 500 DoS Ghostbusters and Star Wars of course. I just watched the first film in the before trilogy and cant wait to watch the other 2

      Liked by 1 person

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