We Can Find Peace on this Tumultuous Planet

Nearly a week has passed since U.S. law enforcement officers wrongfully killed the innocent Philando Castile and Alton Sterling. Barely half a week has passed since the Dallas sniper attack which resulted in the deaths of 5 police officers. Similar to all times of political conflict, the masses have been separated into the conservatives, those who do not wish to share their internal emotions with others, the activists, those who will typically march and peacefully protest their opinions, and the extremists, who are evidently the men who intentionally murdered white police officers.

The attack on white police officers in Dallas was indefinitely a direct response to the frustrations felt not only after the deaths of Castile and Sterling but all other innocent Blacks who were murdered by white officers before them. Before delving slightly deeper in all ready extremely complex issue I would like to clarify that I am entirely against the attacks on these law enforcement officers. At the nearly adult age of 17 I already know that violence begets violence, that hatred is cyclical, that the reciprocation of frustration is not murder. The killings of these officers will not bring justice.

It’s at time like these when someone like me, a person who leans more towards conservative instead of activist, is emotionally conflicted. As a young Black American I hurt when I see the deaths of a man/woman that could have been me and as a human being, someone with a beating heart, it pains me to see a group of people be killed who have families of their own. Even as I write this, and I write this for everyone regardless of their skin colour, I struggle to elucidate my emotions towards this matter, but I have to share my message.

“Those who think that the killings of these police officers are an act of justice are entirely mistaken and misguided from what is ‘right’- I am deeply disturbed by those who believe so. If we continue down this dark path we will only stray further away from the light of the tunnel that is equality and freedom. To those who believe that violence and retribution is the only way to fight the system I understand you but I must say that it is not the way. Hatred is not the way. Vengeance is not the way. The window into a peaceful future are the events of the past and it reveals that the wise and the magnanimous have fought and succeeded into taking the masses to peace, not the hasty and the vindictive. I cannot promise you that there will be peaceful coexistence in America in our lifetimes but such a beautiful place is worth fighting for the world’s succeeding generations.”

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