SDCC 2016 Trailers!

July is here again and I’m not at San Diego Comic Con. But thankfully absentees of the convention are lucky enough to catch new footage of anticipated movies on YouTube! Here are some trailers, along with some of my opinions, for upcoming films for 2016 and beyond!

Oh my word! Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in one film? Kong: Skull Island is certainly on my watchlist for the future. I loved how the teased King Kong until the end of the trailer as it was astonishing to see how enormous he was in comparison to Peter Jackson’s King Kong! The movie is a bit Gareth Edwards Godzilla (2014) inspired but that’s alright.

The Justice League footage is a lot brighter than Snyder’s previous DCEU works, but still not exactly colourful (no problems with that). The tone is more jocular as well. I am starting to like Ezra Miller more as The Flash now but his suit is not resonating with me well right now. Also felt like Cyborg just looked video gamish due to the CGI. Still comic book fans will agree that seeing the JLA on screen for the first time will be awesome.

YES YES YES! Its so colourful. So bright. The colours are popping right out of the screen. It honestly feels like Gal Gadot’s Diana is different in this trailer solely due to the colours. Not to mention how clean the special effects were and how awesome Diana’s fighting sequences looked. As WW will be directed by a female, Patty Jenkins, I feel like there will be an excellent understanding of her character, her people, and what she stands for.Way to go PATTY!

I had goosebumps from beginning to end. As someone who grow up with the Potter films, and read all the novels of course, its going to be awesome to return back the universe I loved so much as a kid. The monsters, the creatures, the magic, the writing just feels all too familiar; its fantastic. Eddie Redmayne is just so charismatic as Newt Scamander  as wekk(which he should be!). The film just looks like its going to be pure fun.

As The LEGO Movie is on my favorite 100 films (coming soon) I am way too excited for The LEGO Batman movie. The teaser already sold the film to me but this trailer sealed the deal. I’m so looking forward to catch all the easter eggs, jokes directed at the franchise and just enjoy Batman like we have never seen him before!

What did you love about these trailers or what SDCC has displayed thus far?!




5 thoughts on “SDCC 2016 Trailers!

  1. Wonder Woman was ah-mazing, and I’m happy we got so much JL footage. Aquaman looks fan-friggin-tastic. I missed the Lego Batman trailer so I’m going to watch that one right now haha. Great blog. How’d you feel about sharing your work on Moviepilot/Creators? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail so I can expand on that, I’d love to hear from you. My contact details are on my blog.

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