The Greatest Person in The World Sat Next To You

If I had talked to the one guy on the sitting on the sidewalk today, could I have made him happier? If I gave that one lady a smile on the subway, could I make her more confident? If I held that door for her, would she feel like she mattered?

The answers are yes, yes and 1000 times yes. As a human being I feel as if I have this responsibility, this need, this urge to make others around me feel needed. Contrastingly most humans have this knack to emotionally destroy character instead of using that same exact power to build it.  What I love about my WordPress circle, which includes those who follow me and who I follow, is that we all make each other feel like we are making a difference in the world, like are words are being heard (Something that Daisy does so well). Some bloggers delve into their battles with depression, anxiety, and troubling past of loneliness and isolation which isn’t easy to do at all. Others put a noticeable amount of effort in their craft and it’s amazing how the community lets that person know “that your stories inspire me…you helped me  today… or that was amazing, that was great writing“.

Imagine if reality was identical to our close-knit WordPressverse. Maybe those battling with anxiety would know that someone will always be there for them. Or perhaps the lady on the train who’s having a horrible day would have a glimpse of happiness solely because someone noticed her and smiled; recognized that she was indeed alive. Imagine if we conversed with everyone and let people know they were special and that their voice could be heard.  We don’t have to think maybe or perhaps or imagine this world because it’s past fathomable. There is absolutely no difficulty in acknowledging the fact that another person exists and that they are special. All it takes is a simple “Hello”. 

I promise you the greatest person in the world is sitting right next to you and they don’t even know who they are yet. It’s up to you to give them that piece of reassurance, that little push…..


  1. Rabia

    It’s a brand new day in my part of the world and I must say, after reading this it’s off to a wonderful start. Thank you. If teenage me could’ve somehow time traveled to this moment she’d feel so special but present me gets that pleasure but in an entirely different manner. A content manner. Thank you

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  2. Daisy in the Willows

    Well, this is just a great post. I was reading, nodding my head and thinking: We should be more generous of ourselves. A smile or a kind word costs nothing. Half way down the post I see my name. Thank you. I clicked on the link and it took me my page. A cherry on the top. I’m inspired by your words this morning. 🙂 Have a wonderful day x

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