Sorry For My Unexpected Hiatus

For the past couple of weeks I haven’t posted as frequently on WordPress as I am adjusting to a new lifestyle and a new schedule. In fact, I have just begun my freshman year at university and I’m still learning how to balance my time in this brand new environment. Finally,after my third week in college, I’ve learned more or less how to organize myself and leave time for leisure and other endeavors such as writing on 4therace! In the near future be sure to expect so more short stories and analyses/ reviews on film and television. Once again sorry for the unexpected hiatus!

Some posts I am working on include:

My opinion on Mr. Robot’s cinematic sophomore season 

Why I love the Star Wars Prequels (+why they don’t suck)

Why Numerical Film Ratings Mean Absolutely Nothing 



7 thoughts on “Sorry For My Unexpected Hiatus

      1. WOW! that sounds so interesting. I’m doing my Masters in Creative Writing this year and I am so scared but excited. What kind of journalism? Or have you to decide? I’m focusing primarily on stage scripts and then my second chosen genre is Fiction. I think what scares me the most about studying at the next level- is the critical thinking part of it. ha ha!

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