Star Wars Rogue One [THE LAST TRAILER]

Star Wars: Rogue One will prove to be a great addition into one of the most beloved franchises in cinematic history. What I believe separates Rogue One from the rest of the Star Wars films is not that it is the first addition into the anthology series but how different it looks visually from its predecessors. The second and most likely the last trailer of Rogue One has completely shown off the clean, clean, so very clean special effects by Industrial Light and Magic. To show my appreciation of the endless amount of effort put in by the VFX team, and director Gareth Edwards, I have created a compilation of gifs and stills of the most gorgeous moments of the trailer!


Ughh December come faster!

One thought on “Star Wars Rogue One [THE LAST TRAILER]

  1. How intriguing is that Jedi statue that’s partially buried in the sand?!? I know we’ll be looking at non-Force users who believe in the Force in this film (something I’m really excited to see developed in it’s own right) and I can’t wait to see what led to a statue like that. I agree with your comments on the striking visual difference, but I’m also excited about it’s potential to be very different narratively (no Skywalkers (well…sort of), no Force users, no Jedi vs. Sith, etc.) from the others. I think this film has SO MUCH potential and I can’t wait to see it unfold.


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