The +116 Films I Watched in 2016

In 2016 I watched 116 movies, possibly more, making it the most amount of movies that I have watched in a single year (beating 2015 by 30+ films). This year, last year I should say now, I revisited some favorites, watched a few classics, rewatched some films that I loved as a kid and saw them in an entirely new light as an adolescent, and watched a bunch a movies for the very first time- some I loved, some I hated. I explored a handful of French films and got a glimpse of a couple indies. This list is truly diverse and filled with a bunch of gems that some may or may not know.  So fell free to explore my 2016 film watchlist……

Kubo and the Two Strings

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story- check out my review and why Chirrut Imwe may be one of Star Wars’ best characters ever…..


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Embers- indie lovers check out this film. It’s fresh and unique 

Green Room

World of Tomorrow

Doctor Strange

The Orphanage

The Road

Lady Snowblood (first time viewing, loved it, must see) – if you love Tarantino and Kill Bill you will absolutely love Lady Snowblood.


Vivre Sa Vie – very character driven story from Jean-Luc Godard coming out of the French New Wave. Feel free to see why I loved it here.….


Stuck in Love

The Incredibles- I realized that this isn’t only one of my favorite Pixar films but one of my favorite superhero films ever made

The Breakfast Club

Nina Forever

Y Tu Mamá También  -Alfonso Cuarón is king of the long takes. If you want to get lost in a character driven story, this is a film for you.


Monsters (first time viewing it, loved it, must see) – another incredible character driven story. The title of the film is Monsters, and sure they are there somewhere in the background, but you’ll probably be more interested with what goes on with the two  main characters we travel with on the ground rather than the kaiju in the skies.


Paprika (first time viewing, loved it, must see) – no this isn’t Miyazaki or Studio Ghibli but incredible storytelling and animation from Satoshi Kon


Two Days, One Night

Heathers- people were raving about the return about Winona Ryder in Stranger Things and were reminiscing on how she was everyone’s crush of the 80s (I’m to young to know about this). Saw Heathers for the first time this summer, loved it, and now it’s possibly one of my favorite films ever. Simply brilliant!

Battle Royale – on Tartantino’s recommended list….

Suicide Squad

The Usual Suspects

Pan’s Labyrinth (first time viewing, loved it, must see) – a lyrical soundtrack and masterful storytelling from Guillermo del Toro 

Star Trek Beyond

Rear Window – feel free to read why I love’d one of Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpieces here…… (3)

The Time Machine


The Big Short



Hail, Caesar!



Prisoners – Denis Villeneuve may be one of the best directors working today

The Lobster

Annie Hall – 2016 marks the year where I watched my very first Woody Allen film. I was glad to start with something as witty, funny and entertaining as Annie Hall

The Apartment

Pierret le Fou – not only was it breathtakingly gorgeous but it was probably the most immersed I was in a film. Once again another outstanding character driven story

Now You See Me 2

10 Cloverfield Lane




One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

Back to the Future II (one of my favorite films ever)

X-Men Apocalypse (yess X-MEN!)

A Bronx Tale


Justice League vs Teen Titans- if you are a DC fan or a comic book lover, this movie is a must see

Hugo (first time viewing, loved it, must see) all the reasons why I loved this movie can be found here…..

Hugo Despair

The Wrestler (first time viewing, loved it, must see) – character driven stories seem to be a theme on this list. If you are a fan of them or the work of Aronofsky please go see The Wrestler 

Under the Skin

Sunset Boulevard

L.A. Confidential


Captain America Civil War


Snowpiercer – this film is incredible visceral but draws resemblances to our own society. Feel free to read my analysis of Snowpiercer 


Princess Mononoke (one of my favorite films ever)– a fight for the forest and one of Studio Ghibili’s best

American History X

Before Sunrise

The Truman Show



Breathless (first time viewing, loved it, must see) – or itss name en français A Bout de Souffle, was the first French film I ever watched. Simply incredible….

The Matrix

The Jungle Book (2016) – a spectacular adaptation to one of my favorite films ever

Sword of Destiny

Spirited Away


Schindler’s List

Batman vs Superman

Steve Jobs

The Hateful Eight

Girl, Interrupted

Raging Bull


Blade Runner


A Clockwork Orange (first time viewing, loved it, must see)


Citizen Kane

North by Northwest (first time viewing, loved it, must see)

Carol – this was one of 2015’s best

Bridge of Spies




Ted 2

Mean Girls

Shawshank Redemption

Donnie Darko



giphy (1)

Good Will Hunting

Crimson Peak

The Walk

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Knight of Cups

Beasts of No Nation

Short Term 12  (one of my favorite films ever) – please check out my review of this hidden gem here…..

Now We Should Get Out of Here

Full Metal Jacket (one of my favorite movies ever)

Vertigo – the very first Hitchcock film I watched. This is probably where my deep analysis of film began….

The Revenant

The Shining


In Your Eyes






Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Visit

The Duke of Burgundy

Are some of your favorites here? What did you watch in 2016? And what are some of your opinions on films that made this list?

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