Fictitous Future Fridays

A spark of light falls from the sky and lands in some grounds near you. It turns out to be a glowing magic rock that has the ability to transport you across reality, space and time. You reach down and grab it. Where does it take you? Why have you chosen this place?

My answer: The spark takes me to a snowy park at nighttime. I think I have chosen this place as I’ve recently played in the snow without seeing it for years and realized how much I loved it. As for why in a park, it’s the perfect place to have fun in the snow.

Feel free to leave your response in the comments below…..


4 thoughts on “Fictitous Future Fridays

  1. I read this post this morning and have legitimately been thinking about this all day. I guess I was looking for insight or expecting the perfect, “Aha! That’s it!” answer to come to me. However, all that happened was I overthought it all day :). So, with that in mind, I’m going to stop overthinking and just reply. Okay? My first reaction was I’d like to be on the Millennium Falcon, exploring the galaxy with Han and Chewie. But that seemed like it would be stressful and there’d be the whole Empire thing to deal with. So I’d like transport myself to under a big, shady tree in the middle of summer, with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing, and a stack of books and comics to read beside me. That sounds like heaven!

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