Fictitious Future Fridays #2

If you haven’t already, feel free to read the last Fictitious Future Friday in order to participate in this week’s

The magic pink spark has taken you to the place you wished for last week. Not only does it have the ability to transport you across reality, space, and time but it also can tap into your conscious. In order to explore wherever it has taken you, the spark has selected someone that you know/knew to be your guide in this journey. Who is this person? Why do you think you have selected them.

My answer: I think it would be my late grandmother. I have slept with one of her bed sheets almost everyday since her passing (it’s been 7 years) and her spirit is somewhat a form of protection. She would be the perfect person to guide me in this journey….

Feel free to leave your response in the comments below…..



5 thoughts on “Fictitious Future Fridays #2

  1. This is too much for me! I mean this is BRILLIANT and unique and I think I’ll be spending the next few days with this question in my heart to see who comes. I love this. Wow. Thank you for the beautiful story and the thoughtful introspection.

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      1. You know what this question makes me think of? Dante! It makes me feel like I’m pondering who in my life would be my guide through hell, purgatory, and heaven. You know?! I love it! Plus I overthink things naturally so I can’t stop thinking about this…and I love it!

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