Be a Kids Next Door

I was inspired by someone special to write this blog post…..

“I wanna be a kid forever”. It’s a phrase that has slipped off most of our tongues. Back when he had no responsibilities, our imaginations ran wild and everything in the world felt fresh and new. Unfortunately, we all grew up and the beauty of childhood was stripped away. Santa no longer existed, the tooth fairy didn’t place dollars underneath our pillows, and monsters no longer loomed in our closets. The thing is, no one explicitly told us to stop believing these things, it’s just one of those unsaid requirements that becoming an adult entails. With age came more responsibilities, our imaginations became restricted to the whatever a textbook or office paper suggested, a new day was no longer a new adventure but instead a mundane repeat of the last. Of course we all have responsibilities. Jobs to keep, families to support, taxes to pay, etcetera. But why not keep the kid in us? Write outlandish stories, swing on swingsets, or go on spontaneous adventures? Why not be a little more like the Kids Next Door?

A Kid’s Next Door?

Numbuhs 1 through 5 are part of the Kids Next Door, a secret society of youngsters who fight grown ups (the adults), and occasionally teenagers (those entering adulthood).  I used to watch Codename: KND similar to how much kids watch television, mindlessly. The show was funny, adventurous and at times heart-warming, but as a kid I typically glanced over these things and simply watched the show for the sake of watching it. It wasn’t until I revisited the show recently, as an 18-year-old, when I fully grasped the entirety of the show’s content. I laughed at certain jokes I couldn’t possibly understand as a kid, and, now with maturity, I actually felt empathetic towards the characters when they endured times of emotional distress. Most of all I finally was aware that “being a kid forever” was the central theme of the show. There is no moment that best expresses this than in the last moments of the show’s finale.

Nigel Uno, a.k.a Numbuh 1, being one of the most decorated KND members, is tasked with leaving the KND on Earth to join the intergalactic fight against adulthood. Numbuh’s 1 closest friends are left heartbroken at his departure, and similarly, the show involuntarily leaves viewers in the same state as this episode essentially meant the end to a childhood favorite. We, being characters and viewers, miss Nigel dearly but what separated us from these characters is that they will forever be frozen in time as kids, whereas we continue(d) to grow up. The show leaves off with our heroes still fighting the forces of adulthood, and I can’t help but think that it wanted us to continue the fight for them in the real world. This doesn’t mean to forget about all our responsibilities, but instead to always keep the kid within us despite how old we may be. How you find the kid within you is completely left to you. Maybe it’s by talking to your kids, writing short-stories, or simply by revisiting one of your favorite childhood shows.

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