Most Anticipated March Movies!


Why you should watch it: Currently there is a wave of superhero film fatigue among common movie goers, myself included. Over 20 comic book movies have been released in the past 7 years alone, and due to their frequency of releases, critics and fans alike have grown increasingly frustrated with how formulaic, predictable, and recycled comic book films have become. If you are one of those people facing this superhero fatigue, than you should definitely check out Logan. Being a culmination of a Western, Science-Fiction, and a Superhero flick, the film is sure to be the fresh injection into the genre that people have been longing for. Even if you aren’t a superhero nerd, I still encourage you to go out and see Logan. Early reviews have labeled it as The X-Men franchise’s Dark Knight meaning we can expect it to be serious, dark, and, due to its R-rating, extremely violent.

Why I am excited: I’m a huge X-Men fan and I haven’t refrained from expressing this on 4therace. Apart from Star Wars, there is no other release from a franchise that gets me more excited than X-Men’s, so I’ll definitely be there on opening night (or sometime close to it).

Logan is directed by James Mangold and releases (finally!) March 3rd

Kong: Skull Island

P.S. This trailer is quite revealing. Hopefully it does not include the movies best scenes or central plot points

Why you should watch it: Kong: Skull Island marks the second entry in what will be a shared movie universe between King Kong and Godzilla. Skull Island follows a team of explorers venture inside the King of The Jungle’s sequestered island. Every year Hollywood delivers some immersive, adventurous, action-packed, and decently well-written blockbusters and Kong: Skull Island is 2017’s first. It stars big name actors such as Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, and Samuel L. Jackson and should be fun for people of all ages.

Why I am excited: I really enjoyed Gareth Edward’s Godzilla (2014) and can’t wait to see how they plan to tie Kong with Edward’s established universe. On a more artistic sense, I was extremely drawn to Kong’s Fury Roadesque color scheme.

Kong: Skull Island is directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and releases March 10th

Beauty and the Beast

Why you should watch it: Disney’s live action reboots of their classics have created some hits and a couple of misses.  Beauty and the Beast is quite scary and more serious in tone in comparison to most Disney films and  it’ll be great to see this amplified in live action . For Emma Watson fanatics, it should be a pleasure to see her play the iconic Disney princess Belle. If you loved the music from the original, than I urge you to see the live action version . The special effects, which I may add look quite excellent, will surely do each song justice.

Why I am excited: Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies and I honestly can’t wait to see a live-action revival with Emma Watson.

Beauty and the Beast is directed by Bill Condon and releases March 17th

Power Rangers

Why you should watch it: Um.. this is a hard one. Why should you watch it? Just like the television series it’s based off, Power Rangers looks extremely campy and poorly written, but these are the reasons why most of us love it! If you’re a Power Rangers fan, chances are you’ll probably be in theaters March 24th. For those who aren’t familiar with the universe or were not that into it as a kid, I still recommend Power Rangers if you’re in search for a fun time at the movies.

Why I am excited: I honestly can’t wait to make fun of the acting, writing, and production with my friends.

Power Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite and releases March 24th

Ghost in the Shell 

Why you should watch it: Don’t be surprised if Ghost in the Shell turns out to be March’s best film. The original anime was cerebral, thought-provoking, well written and well animated content. From what’s seen in the trailers, the 2017 reboot greatly resembles mangaka Masamune Shirow’s universe. It should be a treat to see an anime incarnate, on the silver screen, and no Dragonball Evolution doesn’t count. If you are tired of recycled stories, reboots, and remakes, Ghost in the Shell is the movie for you this March. Yes, the film is a reboot itself, but features a storyline that is unlike any Hollywood has ever produced.

Why I am excited: I am a huge fan of the 1995 film and an even bigger Scar-Jo fan. Of course I was quite frustrated to see a non-Japenese, or Asian for that matter, actress play Kusanagi, but am still eager to see the film.

Ghost in the Shell is directed by Rupert Sanders and releases March 31st

Are you excited for these films? Let me know in the comments below?

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