Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser Reaction & Breakdown [It’s Time For The Jedi To End????]

As promised, a teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi dropped yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous. I’ve watched it about a dozen times now, discussed with friends, and watched a handful of youtube videos dissecting the trailer. (5)

The trailer opens with a glimpse of stars, brightens and is shown to be the rocky grounds of Ahch-To. At face value, it is a jump scare introduction to our heroine of the saga. Perhaps falling out of a force vision? Personally, I saw the slow transition from light to dark as a symbol for the forever conflicting sides of the Jedi.

Breathe. Just Breathe. (6)

A quote from Luke most likely mentoring Rey to channel the force. (7)

I’d like to just highlight how unique the shots in this trailer are to the Star Wars universe. (8)

Kylo-Ren’s Helmet? Is Kylo still fighting the internal battle of the light and the dark? (9)

Luke has been traveling around the galaxy to ancient Jedi temples. Sources on the internet speculate that this is the Journal of The Whills, or perhaps a book close to it, explaining the history of the Jedi. (10)

A potential training montage of Rey with Luke watching behind her. But what is that figure right next to her? To me, it does seem like a statue or a figure of some sort. Over at Screen Junkies News  their team believed it to be some sort of burial site. WHO KNOWS? (11)


This sequence right here is hands down my favorite segment of the trailer. It displays the films outstanding visuals but it’s the little skip off the ground of one of the ships, the trailing red smoke, and the imminent battle with AT-ATs that you can clearly see in the distance at 1:16 that add so much character to the shot. (4)

Finn is OK! And we see BB8 and Poe again! Star Wars, under Disney, has done a remarkable job with their promos, teasers, and trailers. This teaser is essentially glimpses and soundbites of our favorite characters and reveals nothing of the core plot. (13)

Another thing I LOVE. Star Wars’ trailers uncanny ability to match their visuals right on the soaring beat of the score. Here it’s the Millenium Falcon destroying a TIE-Fighter right as the music begins to pick up. Who’s flying the ship though? Chewie, Fin, Rey or Luke???

As the music swells, the images are cut faster. Rey is sprinting, and from the blueish glow of a lightsaber reflecting off her face, she is probably running into battle. With who? The Knights of Ren? Just Kylo himself? Through the bit of anger on Rey’s face,it’s probably an urgent matter to attend to.   It’s followed by a shot of Kylo, who you can see is slightly scarred after his last confrontation with Rey, pointing his lightsaber at someone with a fire erupting behind him. Could Kylo have payed a visit to Rey and Luke on Ahch-To and burned down the tree with Luke’s ancient Jedi texts? I also read online that this very tree will help Rey understand and channel the force. If you look closely at about 1:29, you can see another spark of light reflecting off Kylo-Ren’s eyes. Definitely a lightsaber battle between Luke or Rey then. (16)

A flashback of Kylo burning down Luke’s Jedi Academy or burning down an ancient Jedi temple? That is certainly Luke kneeling next to R2 in pain. We also see Phasma!!!

I only know one thing. It’s time for the Jedi to end. (17)

This by far is the most controversial portion of the trailer. Of course there are hundreds of thousands of theories on the internet of what this might mean. Personally I dissected it like this:

The Jedi have unrealistic ideals of perfection. This includes not having any sort of attachments, not being able to feel or love. Because Anakin was forced to not love, it drove him insane. It isn’t natural to internalize emotions and disconnect. Anakin was therefore seduced by the darkside. Luke, was almost mentored in the same way by Yoda in The Empire Strike Back. Yoda wished that he drop all prior attachments and feelings, but it was Luke’s ability to love that saved his father, Darth Vader, and helped him defeat the Emperor in Return of The Jedi. In-between Episode 6 and The Force Awakens, core fans know that Luke searched the galaxy for ancient Jedi temples to learn more of the force. Perhaps he reverted back to old Jedi ways and mentored his academy, which consisted of Kylo-Ren,  in this manner. Like his grandfather, Ben Solo could’ve gone insane with the unrealistic conditions required to become a Jedi. Kylo ,as result, forced not to love and feel, disconnected from his parents and was seduced by Snoke and the darkside. The shot we see of Kylo-Ren furiously pointing his lightsaber at someone could be Luke. Kylo may have regretted killing his father and blames his mentor who taught him to completely disconnect. Luke stating that the Jedi must end means that the guardians of the universe need to transcend their old ways and evolve into to something newer and far more realistic.

It’s my theory but it completely destroys my OTHER theory which believes that Rey will be seduced by the dark. But in order for this to happen, she needs to grow frustrated with the reality that she can no longer feel or have any attachment like Anakin and Ben Solo. Honestly, the line, “I only know one thing. It’s time for the Jedi to end”  was dramatized to evoke speculation which it is clearly doing. This will seemingly be a very dark Star Wars tale as hinted by the title card being written in red and not the iconic yellow. I AM WAY TOO EXCITED!!!

What did you love about the trailer and how does it make you excited for The Last Jedi??

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