Anziety- Logic [Song of the Week #2]

Logic isn’t just one of my favorite rappers/artist ever, but one of my favorite people ever. Born as Sir Robert Bryson Hall III, Logic grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland where drugs, crime and gang life where all apparent in his household. With an abusive mother and  an absent father who was addicted to crack, Logic found an escape through rap music. The list of all the terrible things he witnessed is endless, yet he came out as a well spoken, inspirational figure who represents Peace, Love and Positivity. He never really made music that explicitly boosted the morale of people but unintentionally has changed the lives of so many, including myself. In his third studio album Everybody, Logic raps at the perspective of multiple people aiming his targeted audience at, well, Everybody! No song resonated with me as much as Anziety, yes Anziety not Anxiety, where Logic not only raps for sufferers of the disorder but at the perspective of the disorder as well. 

The vocals in the beginning, sung by Lucy Rose,  provide the perspective of a person who is temporarily free of the grasp of anxiety. At this point in time, life is beautiful and serene.

Everything is fine, everything is so fine
Everything is fine, everything is so fine
‘Cause I’m good, so good
‘Cause I’m good, so good, so good
I wish you would, I wish you would
I wish you would, I wish you would
I wish you would, this is my life
This is my all, this is my all
And now I’m happy, right now I’m happy, but sometimes

And the song moves from its calm state to explosive and loud. It’s sudden and unexpected, resembling the instant a panic attack hits you. From here, Logic raps at the perspective of anxiety explicitly stating how it intends to harm its sufferers

I’ma get up in your mind right now
Make you feel like dying right now
I’ma make you pray to God
To the good old Lord for a sign right now

Logic then dedicates the last 3 minutes of the song telling the listeners of an instance when he endured a panic attack. To the millions who suffer from anxiety and often believe that they are alone , Logic reminds them that the disorder can have a grasp on anyone regardless of how wealthy or famous they may be.  What really touches me in this speech is when he offers his perspective of anxiety arguing that is more of a blessing than a burden. Because we know the feeling of constantly being on edge, he argues, anxiety allows us to appreciate the beautiful moments in life when it is absent.

We will remember despite the attacks and constant feeling of our mind and body being on the edge
That we are alive
And any moments we have free of this feeling we will not take for granted

As someone who originally wanted to rid myself from anxiety, Logic has taught me that I should instead learn to accept who I am and recognize how wonderful life can be in moments when I am free. It’s how I try to live my life to the fullest day by day and something that I, and Logic, hope that any sufferers of anxiety fully realize.

We will rejoice in this gift that is life
We will rejoice in this day that we have been given
We will accept our anxiety and strive for the betterment of ourselves

To any sufferers of anxiety, know that you aren’t alone, you will and shall overcome this feeling.

Logic’s third studio album Everybody is on sale now.

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