Blog Milestone! 3000+ Views

Today I realized that my blog has reached over  3000 views, 3 030 to be exact, in the (nearly) 2 years it has been running! This is so incredible and I’m extremely thankful to all of those who took the time to read my posts. WordPress is a community that I have a deep love for. In the real world, people may often neglect the opinion’s of others based on their status – be it social or financial. Some may refuse to hear the words of others simply because of their race/ethnicity, gender, sexuality, religion, and  or nationality. But in this digital world, everyone has a chance to speak up and share their thoughts. There are no boundaries. There is no prejudice. WordPress is a place where truly everyone is equal. We are all bloggers. We all started with 0 followers, 0 views, 0 likes and 0 comments. I am so grateful to be part of a community that, unknowingly, is so open, kind and motivating to one another. Thank you all for the views and I can’t wait for the journey ahead here on 4therace!

I’d really like to show my love and appreciation for the following bloggers and their sites. They all have inspired me in some way and encouraged my blogging every chance they had.

My 24th follower : Daisy in the Willows 

Daisy has been blogging since about when I started. In fact, 1 month later than I have. She has done a remarkable job at building a community around her work. She does her best to read all the works those she follows write and replies to every comment you post on her site. She has an evident love for blogging and and an even deeper love for connecting with others. She inspired me to write one of my favorite and possibly most important posts ever The Greatest Person in The World Sat Next To You. I’ve been absent for a while but have tried my best to catch up on Daisy’s unique and enticing works. I encourage all to go visit and follow Daisy’s site.

My most frequent commenter (27 comments since he has followed me) : Michael J. Miller over at My Comic Relief 

Michael has really encouraged me to keep blogging with his positive feedback to a lot of my posts on film & television. Michael writes frequently which only baffles me given how lengthy, detailed and incredible his posts are. My Comic Relief explores, in A LOT of depth, the world of comic books. My favorite element of his site is how he often incorporates the world of comics to discuss pressing issues in present-day. I highly recommend his post Captain America, Black Lives Matter & The Systemic Sin of-Racism which was such a realized posts and so relevant in our world today. If you are a lover of comic books, or good writing for that matter, go over and follow Michael’s My Comic Relief.

One of my favorite sites: Courtney Young’s On the Screen Reviews 

Courtney is a lover of film and television like me and I have so much love and respect for what she is doing on her site – which is beautiful to look if I may add. Underneath Michael and Daisy, Courtney has the third highest amount of comments on my site. What I really appreciate about Courtney’s feedback is that she will openly disagree with my opinions on a film which always leads to a great discussion between the two of us – see the comment section of my Wonder Woman review. As I’ve matured in my film criticism, she has really taught me that films can always be interpreted in various ways and that, as a writer, I should always seek as many perspectives as possible when it comes to reviewing. In addition, just like Michael and Daisy have done in the past, she often leaves terrific feedback and encouraging words. Do check her work out and give her a follow over at On the Screen Reviews .

Once again thanks to all who have read my work and a special thanks to the three bloggers above!


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