Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes Look [Breakdown & Reaction Included]

First the Game of Thrones series recap and now this?! I was already so, so, sooo excited for The Last Jedi even though it’s basically releasing a half a year from now.  Currently my hype for this film has reached light speed after the Star Wars’ official youtube channel released a behind the scenes look at the 9th film in the epic saga. So here it is, the BHS look at Star Wars Episode VIII along with my reaction!

Every bit of advertisement for the sequel films has the most emotional and spine chilling music and I love it!

  • If you didn’t know, the director of Episode VIII will be Rion Johnson. You may be familiar with his previous project Looper, the unique and original time travel movie from 2013 (P.S. go watch it)
  • Red explosion in a trench like setting?? Hmm, wonder where/what that could be? I am expecting some Resistance vs First Order battles now (:
  • These opening 10 seconds really showcase the production level and quality of these Star Wars films. Elaborate sets, use of practical effects, the sounds of lightsabers clashing, lasers blasting, pure hands on work…it’s the phenomenal filmmaking that resembles the original trilogy.
  • at around 0:06 we get a quick glimpse of the ancient Jedi Temples that are said to be on Ahch-To, the planet where we find Luke at the conclusion of The Force Awakens
  • The return of A-WINGS at 0:14!!!!
  • Wow! Rey’s got a new hairstyle
  • “Rion’s got a story that’s unexpected but right.” – Daisy Ridley. A lot of people trashed Episode VII for being too reminiscent of A New Hope and these people fear the same of Episode VIII resembling Episode V too much. This quote may prove them wrong…
  • Who is that sitting next to the Millennium Falcon? + It looks like Rey’s stay on Ahch-To is long lasting…
  • Finn is wearing a Resistance jacket…
  • Shots of Luke, Leia and Rey in new costumes? So exciting!
  • We get a behind the scenes look of this shot (below) from the first trailer. Based on the numerous X-Wings, chances are it’s another Resistance base which may be attacked by The First Order (4)

  • This trailer is really displaying this film’s use of practical effects at around the 1 minute mark. It just makes the unique characters of the universe seem tangible and real.
  • We also get a behind the scenes look at this shot (below) from the first trailer. Now that we see water behind Rey, chances are she is still on Ahch-To. There’s a sense of urgency on her face possibly meaning she is running into battle…a potential rematch against Kylo-Ren? (14)
  • From about the 1-2 minute mark, the BHS look continues to display some absolutely incredible practical effects as well as give glimpses of Benicio Del Toro’s and Kelly Marie Tran’s characters
  • At 1:53 we see Adam Driver practice his lightsaber handling. Lightsaber battles were imminent but against who? Luke?? Rey??
  • Whether they are trailers or BHS looks, advertisement for the new Star Wars films always have a moment where there is a beat change and here it is at the 2 minute mark as the music swells up (really excited to listen to a whole new John Williams score! )
  • OK! OK! OK! Daisy Ridley’s training for a lightsaber battle as well and this time against three people! Judging by how far the three trainers hands are on their staffs chances are they aren’t playing Jedi, or else there hands would’ve been toast, but instead the Knights of Ren !?!?!
  • At 2:22 there is a definite look at the casino planet, Canto Bight, which is said to feature a chase sequence involving General Leia Organa and First Order Troops..really digging how this film is gonna pit the First Order and Resistance against each other
  • Rey in Jedi robes at 2:31 !!!!!!!!!
  • “It’s about family and that’s what’s so powerful about it.” -Carrie Fisher. This quote really hit me hard. Just knowing that this is Fisher’s last performance that we’ll ever see in Episode VIII is heart -breaking and also means an imminent end to her character Leia. With Kylo-Ren being the nephew of Luke, and Rey’s search for her parents – who may very well be Luke making here the cousin of Kylo – this quote may highlight how much of a family affair the sequel trilogy is

Final Thoughts? I couldn’t be more excited for this film. Although the BHS hints at an exploration of more new places in the galaxy far, far away,  I feel like the Jedi involved will be grounded to Ahch-To. Rey and Luke, both in the first trailer and the BHS look, are seen nowhere else but Ahch-To. Contrasting to Luke’s journey from Hoth, to Dagoba and finally Cloud City/Bespin in Empire Strikes Back, it seems like the action will come to them in the forms of Kylo and his Knights of Ren. It’s quite possible but LucasFilm could also be saving an epic Jedi scenes far the film’s theatrical release.

What excited you most from this behinds the scenes look? Please feel free to comment below!


  1. Michael J. Miller

    I’m all over the place emotionally with this film! I’m very excited but, personally, the Disney Canon has been very hit and miss for me. So I’m trying to guard my expectations…but it’s SO HARD! How can I be reasonable when they are showing us exciting/moving stuff like this?? They have me totally hooked :). This whole thing, as you discuss above, is so exciting. I’m still shaken by Mark Hamill’s comments a few months ago (about how, when reading the script he “fundamentally disagree[ed]” with everything Rian chose for Luke Skywalker as a character) but take some solace in his saying he still gave it his all and wasn’t as put off by all of it at the end. I’m just so, so hopeful for this. I really want to fall in love with it! Also, how can I not be overly emotional about our final experience of Princess Leia?? Aaaaahh! So many feels!!!

    As to what excited me the most? Hmm…I think it was the thought of how much potential this film has. I want to love the story. I certainly want to see Luke and Rey together! And I’m excited to see Rey, Finn, and Poe continuing to take center stage here. I loved that scene of the three of them laughing together :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fabrice Nozier

      I’m much too excited as well. I am really hopeful Rion Johnson will deliver. He is really the right to direct the second in the trilogy which will basically display if this is an original star wars story or a rehash of the originals.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Michael J. Miller

        So far I’m getting the sense that it will be more original than TFA was. It might just be excitement on my end, but from what we’ve heard and seen so far it seems like they may be charting some new territory. And I’m excited for that! One of the things that’s always excited me about the Disney Canon is it’s potential to go in a different direction from the Expanded Universe. It can essentially give us two different Star Wars Sagas then! I love it!

        Liked by 1 person

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