Spiderman: Homecoming Review [Spoiler Free]

Finally, FINALLY I got to see Spiderman: Homecoming tonight a little after a week since its release. This film looked extremely promising based on the teasers, trailers, dedication and deep care the cast showed for this project, especially Tom Holland (Peter Parker/Spiderman) and it really didn’t disappoint. Maybe it’s a little premature to say this but Spiderman: Homecoming may just be my favorite spidey film to date.

Now I won’t get too into spoiler zone as I want to take a little more time to contemplate the storyline, pacing, character development, and the strength of the villain. However, what I can honestly say as of right now is that Homecoming is truly an original story. Although I enjoyed Garfield’s iteration of the webslinger it was basically a rehash of Sam Rami’s 2001 film beat by beat; Homecoming, from beginning to end, stands as its own movie. After five Spiderman films, comic book fans and common moviegoers alike are definitely familiar with Spidey’s origin story. In the MCU’s version there is no Uncle Ben death scene or a first act showcasing Peter’s rustiness with his powers. Homecoming explores a new Peter Parker dynamic that the previous films attempted, and failed quite a bit to do, and this is the young hero’s struggle to balance being a hero while also being a teenager.

This, along with Peter’s relationship with Tony Stark (more on that later), was my favorite element of the film. Peter may have to stop guys from robbing ATMs but amongst his biggest problems are finding a date for Homecoming, studying for Spanish finals and preparing for an academic decathalon. His superhero and teenage life are constantly conflicting and they both hinder each other in some way. Peter’s love for his hero side results in him neglecting himself without the suit and his absence in his teenage life causes him to try too hard as Spiderman. It’s an engaging aspect of the story, and as someone who just finished High School and understands how hard it is to balance your academic life with social endeavors, also a very relatable one.

Tony Stark’s involvement in the film was something I expected and at the same time was quite surprised with. Stark obviously has a lot more experience in the field and serves as a father figure and mentor to the hasty Peter Parker. Given how Tony used to be a selfish playboy and is now a full fledged Avenger, his presence in the film serves as both a phenomenal character arc and a great way to display how much Peter has to grow as both a hero and a person. The chemistry and dynamic between them has me extremely excited for the imminent projects they’ll be in together.

Spiderman: Homecoming has me really excited for Tom Holland’s future projects as the webslinger especially after he accidently said that a trilogy is in the works! There is A LOT more to be said about Homecoming and I do plan on writing an in-depth spoiler review for it as well as an updated list to my My Definitive Ranking of Every Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie (so far) so do keep posted!

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