On Aug. 5th a Mosque was Bombed in Minnesota. Trump Remains Silent

Here’s what we know. Earlier this week, the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minneapolis was bombed during a morning prayer. Thankfully none of the center’s 20 attendees that day were harmed but one of the mosque’s offices were damaged in the blast.

The FBI is currently conducting an investigation of the attack and there has been, rightfully, a tremendous amount of community support. This GoFundMe page has raised over $88 000 and another funding page on LaunchGood has raised about $21 000 with hopes to rebuild the center for a combined ∼ $100 000.

Most likely, the assailant, or assailants, intended for division amongst the public, which would have lead to a downwards spiral of more turmoil and hate. It’s fantastic to see people do the polar opposite and unify consequentially leading to the community only becoming stronger.

Thanks to the Bush era, and the “war on terror”, the word ‘terrorism’ in the West has become practically synonymous to ‘muslim’ rather than someone who incites fear into a community. So I commend Minnesota’s governor, Mark Dayton, for calling this blatantly islamophobic attack as a, “criminal act of terrorism”, which, I hope, will help destroy the abhorrent 21st century definition of “terrorist”.

Now I don’t need to pull up some statistic to elaborate why Trump has yet to speak on the events that unfolded early Saturday morning in Bloomington. To say it as succinctly as possible, the 45th just doesn’t care.

Trump revealed an undeniable double standard of his after this terrible attack. He was quick to take twitter and pour his opinions on the London attacks that transpired earlier this summer but has refrained to do so here. Evidently it was because the former were conducted by muslims and the latter were attacks on the muslim community. Mr. Trump, and a clear portion of Western media, has been keen to make sure that muslims are continuously portrayed in a negative light.

Honestly it’s absolutely fantastic to see the incredible support for the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center but at the same time extremely disheartening to see a lack of interest, or care for that matter, from America’s most powerful political figures.

In times like this I find WordPress to be the perfect avenue to express my dissonance with a particular situation and utilize it as an opportunity to connect with a global audience. So I write this personal message to all my readers:

It’s important in the future that we refrain from associating crimes with a specific race or demographic. For example, terrorist ≠ muslim. Not only does it further perpetuate stereotypes but increasingly divides our communities. As exemplified, I hope that we continue to show love and support for not solely the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center but for the entire muslim community which has faced an unnecessary and unjustified amount of hate and discrimination over the years.
Please do continue to #MarchAgainstTrump


2 thoughts on “On Aug. 5th a Mosque was Bombed in Minnesota. Trump Remains Silent

  1. Thank you Fabrice, both for the important message of this piece and for providing easy and direct links for us to do more to help the community of the Dar Al Farooq Islamic Center right now. Islam is a beautiful religion of peace and submission to the will of God. Even if that’s not always how certain groups of people are willing to see it, we have a responsibility to continually raise our voices in service of solidarity and the truth. Amen my friend, amen.

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    1. No problem Michael! It is super super important that these issues are brought to light more as large portions of the media have glossed over it. This age of islamaphobia in America truly frustrates me and I want to play my part in reversing the poor perceptions of Muslims that the U.S. government and Western media created.

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