What Have I Been Doing [LIFE, BLOGGING, MOVIES & TV]????


Yes my first semester as a sophomore in university has begun and I have thus become far less involved with the WordPress community than I would like to be. I’ve been a little anxious just knowing that I’ve been missing out on the opportunity to expand 4therace, connect with my current followers,as well as new ones, and read other blogs. Well I’m trying my best to jump back into this community I hold so dearly as best I can. Before I (hopefully) return back to a casual blogging schedule, I wanted to make this post in order to catch everyone up with what I’ve been up to.


As I’ve said, I am back in school. I thought that after successfully doing one year of university I’d learn how to balance my time enough so I could still blog the way I did over the summer; so far so bad. On a brighter note, I recently declared Media and Communications as my major which is brand new at the university I’m attending. Unlike high school, the courses feel less like a chore and more like expanding my knowledge in my hobbies. For the first time in a long time, I am incredibly satisfied with where I am in my academic life and hope that I can stay in this mentale for as long as possible.

P.S. To any college students, or anyone who is good with time management, how do you manage to keep your site running and keep up academically and socially?! Help?!


So my academic life is completely organized by Google Calendar and lately I’ve tried to implement more elements of my life into the app as well. Now I have this reminder that comes up Monday-Thursday & Sundays at 11PM that writes “30 Minutes of Blogging?”. No matter if I am in the middle of studying for an exam or just doing simple homework, I want to try and just be active on WordPress at least 5 days of the week for 30 minutes. What I mean by active is that I am either writing, posting, or reading all the wonderful content everyone of you has to offer.


Pennywise-It-Movie-Featured-Image-970x545Of course I’ve been watching movies!!! The last movie I saw in theaters was It and it was so, so entertaining; especially because I saw it with six of my friends. I was absolutely satisfied with three things from It. 1) How far this film pushed the buttons with displaying some explicit content. Even moments without the demonic clown saw some truly violent and sadistic scenes. Without delving into spoiler zone, these scenes included those involving the bullies. 2) The performances by this film’s child actors! When It was scary, and it was quite scary indeed, It was basically a comedy movie and I credit that to the actors of the Losers Club. 3) The performance of Bill Skarsgård who was practically unrecognizable as Pennywise. ALthough I haven’t seen the famed performance by Tim Curry, I still have a deep respect for what Skarsgård brought to the table.



Now that Game of Thrones is gone I’ve had to find some replacement shows. These include Westworld, which I think is absolutely fantastic, and the anime Boko no Hero Academia. I want to take my time with both and really enjoy these two highly revered shows. I only have 1 episode left to watch for Westworld, which is quite a bummer after I learned that the next season most likely will not return until 2018, and I am only on episode 5 of My Hero Academia. Mr. Robot, my favorite show as some of you may know, is returning in October and I have plans to rewatch the whole series….while in school…let’s see how that goes.

What films and TV series have you watched recently? What’s going on in your life right now and what’s up with everyone’s blog at the moment?!!!

Please feel free to catch me up in the comments below, and, if you are a new reader, don’t hesitate to explore some more content here on 4therace!

3 thoughts on “What Have I Been Doing [LIFE, BLOGGING, MOVIES & TV]????

  1. If it makes you feel any better, my blogging’s slowed down too! As a teacher, my schedule is very similar to yours. It’s easier to write, read, and comment over the summer than it is one the school year’s running. Last year I tried to keep myself to a two-to-three posts a week schedule and it was brutal. At times, sadly, the writing felt like a chore. This year I’ve given myself permission to just write when I can and when I feel inspired. My number of posts (as well as time spent reading and commenting on other people’s work) has dropped but it all feels more authentic, organic, and meaningful to me.

    Congrats on the major! And I’m happy to hear life’s well, even if blogging has naturally slowed. Oh, and I’m with you on ‘It.’ I’m not a big horror guy (as I’m a big baby) but I thought the film was brilliantly done!

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    1. Thanks Michael! You always provide the best support and comments! I’ll try my best to check out my comic relief sometime soon but have mid terms this week ): October break is right around the corner though so I definitely know what I’ll be doing thene.

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      1. Haha, no! This wasn’t meant as a guilt-inducing reminder to come check out my stuff :). Seriously though, like I said, I haven’t been writing much lately either. Good luck with your midterms! And enjoy your October break! Ahhh, little breaks like that are one of the great gifts of academic life. You’ve got some some R&R on the other side of those midterms – have fun.

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