The Last Jedi Trailer Trailer Analysis!

I’m not going to do a shot by shot analysis like I did The Last Jedi’s official teaser  because this full length trailer has way too much going on — in a good way. I will, however, share my thoughts on how the story of Episode VIII may unfold based on some observations I’ve made.

Firstly I’d like to acknowledge John Williams’ score which still amazes despite composing the epic saga for over 40 years now. And secondly I want to point out, as I did in my teaser analysis, how unique The Last Jedi’s cinematography is in comparison to other Star Wars films. I can’t fully describe it but the props and worlds, which are mostly CGI, seem as if they were actually shot on camera. Everything from Rey’s lightsaber to spaceship skirmishes look realistic.

More on the trailer’s content:

It’s quite apparent that director Rian Johnson is really trying to skewer are expectations here through the trailer’s various ambiguous moments. There is some ambiguity with whether Supreme Leader Snokes’ “When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that…something truly special,” is directed at Rey or Kylo-Ren.

Luke’s “I’ve  seen this raw strength only once before. It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now,” is probably directed at Rey but may be in reference to Kylo-Ren, Snoke, or even Palpatine.

There’s also Kylo Ren’s “Let the past die. Kill it. If you have to, it’s the only way to become who you’re meant to be,” a bone chilling delivery from actor Adam Driver that may not be referring to him killing his mother, Leia Organa, but in fact him telling Rey to neglect her past or it could be something else entirely in another context.

And finally a confused Rey’s “I need someone to show me my place in all this,” which suggests that she is talking to Kylo-Ren. The cut to his face and reaching hand may seem like they are in the same location when they are seemingly not. Rey’s echoey voice may actually mean she is in a cave on Achto while Kylo-Ren is standing in a location engulfed in flames.

What I loved (really fast)

  • Again John Williams’ score and
  • the cinematography
  • seeing glimpses of Rey’s training montage
  • Mark Hamill’s jarring delivery of lines (I’m really excited to see his performance as Luke)
  • Kylo-Ren’s temper tantrum that is actually quite intense at 1:06
  • Adam Driver’s delivery of, “Let the past die. Kill it…if you have to.It’s the only way to become who you’re meant to be.” Driver has had two incredibly powerful lines in both the sequel films trailers
  • The Millennium Falcon being chased by some TIE-Fighters
  • Chewie and a Porg in the Millennium Falcon
  • Poe’s quote on the resistance at around 1:34 
  • Finn and Phasma fighting in what seems to be the location Kylo-Ren is looking at in the trailer’s opening seconds + how Finn’s reflection bounces of Phasma’s helmet
  • Snoke’s line “Fulfill your destiny,” that is said as he IS USING THE FORCE ON REY

What I Noticed…

  • When Kylo-Ren picks up his lightsaber at around 0:15 there are guards in the background that resemble Palpatine’s. Most likely they are Snoke’s
  • That at 0:57 it seems to be a continuation of a story arc that we say in Rey’s force vision in The Force Awakens This is when Kylo-Ren destroys Luke’s Jedi Academy
  • Kylo-Ren’s healed his scar a little bit and he has a customized TIE-Fighter
  • How tonally dissimilar this movie will be from The Force Awakens. While Episode VII seemed to hit more of the nostalgia notes, The Last Jedi seems like it will be much darker. I noticed how I wasn’t as jittery or excited for this trailer and rather completely engaged and curious to see where these new hero’s’ journey will take them

There is absolutely no telling where The Last Jedi is taking fans this Christmas. It’s practically shouted out to us that we know absolutely nothing with Luke’s audience referring quote, “This is not going to go the way you think.” Will the common fan theory of Rey being seduced by Snoke come true? Does Episode VIII see Kylo become fully engulfed in the dark side after killing his mother?  Or does it seem him return with Luke after being unable to deal with pain of killing his father? I think all these possibilities, regardless of my bringing them to light, would be absolutely amazing to see on the screen and would divert The Last Jedi from the Empire Strikes Back track everyone thinks it will fall on. We only can wait to see but feel free to tell me where you feel The Last Jedi is going and what you loved about the trailer in the comments below!!!

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