I Made A Documentary on My Grandmother Titled ‘Leonie Superstar’

This short film was an assignment for my documentary class but I had never treated it as such. I hadn’t cared about my final grade or if it were going to be any good at all — well at least I did at first. I went in worried that I may not get all the footage I needed under the time constraints imposed by the semester. Furthermore, I was anxious from the very beginning that my final project just wouldn’t be good enough. But the second I put the camera in front of  my grandma’s face all of that anxiety had disappeared. I had realized then, and even now, that these seven days I had spent with her would prove to be the most precious week of my entire life.

Making Leonie Superstar was such a humbling experience that brought me much closer to my grandmother. Yet, at the same time filming this documentary was a difficult and often heartbreaking  experience. We view our grandparents as these ubiquitous figures in our lives from a very young age. For some reason we believe that they’ll never leave us; like they are some immortal rock in our family tree. Now, sadly, I realized that they do leave us one day. It’s life and I’ve come to terms with that, as has my grandmother.

So I couldn’t let the stories, experiences and life of a human who has lived well over 80 years slip away. I tried to encapsulate as much as I could in this short doc about my grandmother, Leonie Superstar.

Thanks for Watching!

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