Introducing Filmagra

For anyone still out there, if you remember me, I am back once again to take another swing at the blogosphere.

4therace was truly my home in my later years of high school. When I started this website as an incredibly anxious and lost 15-year old, I simply wanted a space to spew my energy and make the human connections I was struggling to create in the “real-world”. 4therace is where I learned, for the first time, I wasn’t the only anxiety filled teen out there – and that meant the world to me. As minuscule as it sounds, this site is where I could release the chaotic state of emotions stirring inside me after the separation of my parents. It was my first true therapists. It’s where I built my strength and confidence as a writer. It’s where I began to share my love with movies with the world.

And although, at the age of 21 now, I still find myself to be that same anxious teenager who was confused and did not know himself yet, I know for sure that it’s time for this site to grow into who I am today. 4therace, thus, has transformed into Filmagra.

As a site which will never forget the diverse content which once featured on 4therace, short stories, discussions of mental health, and long essays will continue to have a special place here- Filmagra will strongly focus on film and television.

Please stay tuned for my favorite films and television series of the decade posts which I am extremely eager to share.

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