Poverty =

After several years of self-maturing, I learned that happiness is not brought through consumption, more money/wealth, more friends, more popularity etc. That saying, happiness is not a product of your environment but your environment is a product of your happiness. There is no relationship between elation and your “things”. With that, there is a common misconception of this world that the “poor man” is not happy.

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Y I Loved Me and Earl and The Dying Girl

So Far, 2015 has been quite a decent year for movies. From interesting espionage, thrillers such as Kingsman to horror/thrillers such as It Follows and amazing visual movies such as Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian. An under discussed, but not underrated, film of this year was in fact Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. 

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Dreams. An Interference by Beings of an Imperceptible Plane

Perhaps dreams are simply an interference from beings who reside on another, imperceptible, plane of space and time. These beings exist only suggest or design the imaginary scape that we call dreams. They are the factors which alter the physics in our dreams, place the characters/projections, the landscape and the idea. Sort of what Cobb and his crew did in Inception………

Maybe they exist solely to implant an idea or event which influences how we think and how we perceive reality. Maybe they  are the ones who consistently create the inconsistent, non-linear stories of our dreams every night. Perhaps they are the cause of us sometimes not remembering the most intriguing, strange and adventurous dreams because the revealed too much of the truth. Perhaps they are Cosmic Owl from Adventure Time.

Another theory ? A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban)

Back to ruminating over time travel plots. This time over a movie that is in one of my favorite franchises, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I am assuming that readers of this post (Potterheads) are familiar with the story, especially when the time turner is used.

Some of the main events of the time turner sequences follow (roughly):

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Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

A question which troubles me on the daily is the meaning of dreams. There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories to what the meanings of dreams are. All of which I have considered but have not entirely accepted. After having a dream journal for about a year and half now, I have seen a pattern in my dreams. They grow more vivid, more lucid, less-linear, more unique, even disturbing at times the more I record them in this journal. What I’ve found increasingly strange is how my dreams often match my realities, how they often become too similar to the events of my life. Since the creation of my dream journal, I have devised multiple theories to the meaning of dreams. My favorite? The subconscious ability to glimpse in to present and alternate timelines.

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Fact or Fiction? The Realities of Mr.Robot

2015, thus far, has been year consisting of a variety of films across all genres. From a new standard of science fiction seen in Ex Machina, to the non-stop action in Mad Max Fury Road and new approaches in action movies found in Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service. Television, thus far, has also seen an intriguing year. From the well-received first season of The Flash to the HBO series Game of Thrones breaking the limits that the previous season, season 4, set in 2014. One of the most interesting shows of the year, however, was the summer series Mr. Robot. (This Post Contains Spoilers)

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Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Back to the Future)

The following posts will be on a topic that I have a love hate relationship with, Time Travel. I enjoy watching most Time Travel movies, with the exception that they do it right (which is basically never) , and love analyzing the alternate timelines that the protagonist and their companions create when breaking the space-time continuum (the typical time travel plot). My analysis on these films often turn into confusion of continuity, discussion with friends, myself drawing out the timelines on paper and finally concluding that the entire plot of the film was completely impossible. My dream is to travel through space and time. Venture through alternate realities. I only wish that time travel films could make the idea seem more plausible. But unfortunately they don’t. The 1980s classic ‘Back to the Future’, one of my favorite time travel films, is one that completely destroys the possibility of time travel.(note: if you have not seen this film, fix that now please).

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The Pessimist’s Optimistic Way to Obtain World Peace

People of our societies often view world peace as the solution to all world issues. “The end of wars will result in the end of poverty, inequality, pain, suffering, hunger, conflict”.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Frankly there is no possible way to prove that the end of wars would initially bring about world peace mainly because world peace is simply not attainable (sorry). Peace cannot exist with the countless contraries in our society

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