My Favourite 100 Films of the Decade (2010-2019)

I should preface that I absolutely love reading ranked lists of practically anything but despise making them myself. There is no way I could quantify and rank my love for these next 100 films. At some point in time, most of them were my favourite films at the time of their release. Nonetheless, I tried my best to curate a unique and engaging list of some of the best feature-length films which were released in the past 10 years. I pride this list as it not only showcases the diversity the 2010s film landscape but also because of its distinction from many other top films of the decade countdowns. This list has several hidden gems, non-English language films and blockbuster hits I simply believe were overlooked as actual works of cinema. I hope my justifications for selecting these next 100 films demonstrate my unique love for each of them and possibly direct you to new films you weren’t aware of. Happy New Years everyone and enjoy!

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Introducing Filmagra

For anyone still out there, if you remember me, I am back once again to take another swing at the blogosphere.

4therace was truly my home in my later years of high school. When I started this website as an incredibly anxious and lost 15-year old, I simply wanted a space to spew my energy and make the human connections I was struggling to create in the “real-world”. 4therace is where I learned, for the first time, I wasn’t the only anxiety filled teen out there – and that meant the world to me. As minuscule as it sounds, this site is where I could release the chaotic state of emotions stirring inside me after the separation of my parents. It was my first true therapists. It’s where I built my strength and confidence as a writer. It’s where I began to share my love with movies with the world.

And although, at the age of 21 now, I still find myself to be that same anxious teenager who was confused and did not know himself yet, I know for sure that it’s time for this site to grow into who I am today. 4therace, thus, has transformed into Filmagra.

As a site which will never forget the diverse content which once featured on 4therace, short stories, discussions of mental health, and long essays will continue to have a special place here- Filmagra will strongly focus on film and television.

Please stay tuned for my favorite films and television series of the decade posts which I am extremely eager to share.

‘She’s Gotta Have It’ [1986] Breaking Black Stereotypes in Film

Black people can be superheroes — thank you T’Challa — they can be love interests or the leading actor of a major blockbuster flick. Black characters can be layered and complex as exemplified in Spike Lee’s first feature-length film, She’s Gotta have It. 

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Sorry to Bother You: A Funny and Wild Descent into the World of Greed, Corruption and Capitalism

Contrasting the common wide theatrical releases of Hollywood films, Riley’s feature length directorial debut Sorry to Bother You opened with a quiet, limited release early last month.  Although the box office numbers aren’t flowing to a big studio name, you truly haven’t entered Riley’s black comedy critique of capitalism until you’ve spent a little more money on gas traveling to an unfamiliar AMC or an independent theater, payed 10 bucks for your ticket, spent another twenty on snacks, and sat through around seven trailers which all intend to persuade you to repeat the whole process again next weekend.

After all that, you may temporarily relinquish your chaotic role as a consumer and find  a version of yourself in the film’s financially struggling protagonist, Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield). Although employed at the sketchy telemarketing company RegalView, Cassius remains optimistic that he may one day be promoted to a “Power Caller”. At first his drive proves to be ineffective after several people aren’t persuaded by his marketing skills until he finds the key to their pockets and hence his own successes,  the “white voice”.

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Incredibles 2: Is Nostalgic, Complex, Feminist, and Simply Entertaining

The Parr family has finally returned to the big screen in one of the year’s most anticipated movies, The Incredibles 2. Although Pixar’s much awaited sequel may not be as good as its predecessor it surely is as thematically sophisticated, well-written, beautifully directed, fun, and entertaining.

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‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: Recreating Untouchable Legacies

Disney’s second anthology film in the Star Wars franchise, Solo, quietly released last month with an underwhelming performance at the box office. Surely the $1 billion grossing Rogue One isn’t to blame for Solo’s lackluster presence, but most likely 2017’s The Last Jedi which has divided the fandom and lead to wide distrust of Disney’s handling of Star Wars. Perhaps Solo’s commercial failure will encourage Disney to slow down the releases of blatant cash grabs and instead take their time to produce decent Star Wars films. While the story of Solo is unneeded and falls under a clear money-grubbing project category, Ron Howard, Alden Ehrenreich and co. surprisingly delivered in creating an extremely fun and entertaining movie.

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I Made A Documentary on My Grandmother Titled ‘Leonie Superstar’

This short film was an assignment for my documentary class but I had never treated it as such. I hadn’t cared about my final grade or if it were going to be any good at all — well at least I did at first. I went in worried that I may not get all the footage I needed under the time constraints imposed by the semester. Furthermore, I was anxious from the very beginning that my final project just wouldn’t be good enough. But the second I put the camera in front of  my grandma’s face all of that anxiety had disappeared. I had realized then, and even now, that these seven days I had spent with her would prove to be the most precious week of my entire life.

Making Leonie Superstar was such a humbling experience that brought me much closer to my grandmother. Yet, at the same time filming this documentary was a difficult and often heartbreaking  experience. We view our grandparents as these ubiquitous figures in our lives from a very young age. For some reason we believe that they’ll never leave us; like they are some immortal rock in our family tree. Now, sadly, I realized that they do leave us one day. It’s life and I’ve come to terms with that, as has my grandmother.

So I couldn’t let the stories, experiences and life of a human who has lived well over 80 years slip away. I tried to encapsulate as much as I could in this short doc about my grandmother, Leonie Superstar.

Thanks for Watching!

Where do I Begin?

To answer the title: I have no idea. For those of you who are familiar with this site you know that I suck at balancing blogging with my college life. I’ve just completed my second year and still haven’t found a way to keep 4therace running like it had in High School. I see that despite my failings of being a consistent writer, I still have a small readership which is so humbling and I would like to take the time to thank all those who visited my site throughout this long hiatus. I want to say that I am back and will remain consistent but I just don’t know how this summer will go. Hopefully I master the art of balancing academics, my social life and blogging before the Fall but as of right now I’d just like to say that I am here and eager to join the WordPress community again.

For those who may have forgotten or may not know at all…

I (still) love movies. I am a proud nerd. I love to read. I love to write and I hope to write film criticism full-time one day. Expect some new content on the way and hopefully, after taking a couple film classes in college, my film criticism has improved.

Leave a comment, or ask a question. I’m here to answer!



Ingrid Goes West [Film of the Week #5]

Ingrid, wonderfully realized by one of my new favorite actresses Aubrey Plaza, is depicted to be nothing short of a psychopathic, obsessive social media user. Moments after we are first introduced to her crying while scrolling through Instagram, she storms into a wedding and pepper sprays the bride, an ex-friend, for not inviting her. The eponymous character soon discovers Taylor Sloane (Elizabeth Olsen), an internet famous photographer,  and moves to LA in a crazy conquest to become the celeb’s best-friend. Hoping that Taylor would see a semblance of herself if the two were ever to meet, Ingrid grows unhealthy infatuated with the celeb’s Instagram and uses the platform to become “Taylor 2.0”. Ingrid is caught a little off guard when she first meets Taylor and fails to befriend her. So she stalks her home, steals her dog and returns him only to get closer to her idol. It works. Despite the lengths Ingrid went to become Taylor’s friend she isn’t crazy — and I don’t think the film intends for her to be identified as such — but more so she’s a product of the movie’s true villain, social media.

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My Blogging New Years Resolution

Any stranger to 4therace should know that I am a lover of films. I hope to complete a minor in film at my school and continue film studies into graduate school. My dream is to become a film critic and possibly a screenwriter one day. 4therace is extremely special to me because I not only get to connect with so many awesome readers but also get to the chance to strengthen my film review and analysis skills outside the classroom. I’m aware that I struggle to keep up blogging throughout the semester but I really want to push myself in 2018. Life is going to get busier for me but it never should be too hard for me to practice what I love doing. So I’ve made a promise with myself to write about every movie I watch this year and post my words here on 4therace. I’m already three movies behind but at least it means I have some content to talk about! I’ve got a review for last year’s Ingrid Goes West and Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It on the way so do stick around!