Reaper is Ambiguous

“You know what I really mean? I don’t get it. Why are some of us so indifferent about it? Movies and TV certainly have something to do with it. They shrug off character deaths sometimes like it’s a nothing. It has influenced us ya know? Now we don’t… ya know feel so emotional towards it.Continue reading “Reaper is Ambiguous”

And Then The Darkness Came [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 3 of how “us” began. The 6 Guardians, also known as The “Sixths”, acknowledged the awareness of the Fourths and watched the advanced society peacefully from their post. “Time”, as a Third would say,  passed and Darkness never reached Earth. God, The Leader, was so very impressed with The 6, that he offered themContinue reading “And Then The Darkness Came [Translated for the Mind of a Third]”

We Were [are] Protected by the 7

Part 2 of how “us” began. Darkness “slipped” through, unseen by The Guardians. As The Leader pushed further through the new cosmos, building new worlds, new civilizations, Darkness trailed, corrupting The Leader’s new built civilizations.  Of course The Leader was aware of Darkness’s presence, but another battle would destroy the new cosmos that The LeaderContinue reading “We Were [are] Protected by the 7”

Is There an Answer?

Part 1 of how “us” began. Why is our world engulfed in madness? I truly believe in God(s) but I am a thinker, an analyzer of subtexts. Why must we suffer, lose, feel pain and promote violence when God is there? Is (s)he not meant to protect? The answers proceed…………. After the universe prior toContinue reading “Is There an Answer?”