Blog Maturity

I have come a long way with this blog and am quite impressed with the progress I have made as both a thinker and writer. I want nothing more than for this blog to improve its content and quality. Fairly recently, I have turned this blog into a place where I also share some of […]


Call Me Black

Negro, N*gger, and African- American. What do these words have in common? If you neglect the third word, the other two words are demeaning, racist and should no longer be the social norm to address a Black American. The belief that the word “African-American” is the politically correct way to address a Black American has […]



Hi! I live in “Africa”, quotations intended. Or if you have read my About page you know that I am situated in Tanzania. But what’s the difference?! Living in “Africa”, quotations intended, has given my countless opportunities, expanded my perception of the world and has made me appreciative of what I have. However, my biggest […]