To Save Our Son

A short story by Fabrice Nozier  Date: Sometime in 2002 Late at night in the basement of a university library, freshman students Juliana and Scott were working on their final assignments for the spring semester. Juliana, a Creative Writing major, was finishing up her final short piece for the year; a story about a groupContinue reading “To Save Our Son”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Review [No Spoilers]

Rogue One (dir. Gareth Edwards) is the very first entry in the Star Wars franchise’s slated three film anthology series. Many fans, including myself ,were highly skeptical about how necessary it was to tell the story of how the schematics for the first Death Star found its way into Rebellion hands. Rogue One had toContinue reading “Rogue One: A Star Wars Review [No Spoilers]”

5 Movies That Make Me Happy

Film, going to the cinema and talking about the movies makes me so happy. There is no better way to cheer myself up when feeling down than watching a film. Especially watching a film I’ve watched 1000 thousand times and can recite the lines throughout the duration of the story. You know? Those movies thatContinue reading “5 Movies That Make Me Happy”

Darkness, God and the Architect [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 4 of how “us” began. How had Darkness slipped through? More on that later. The Sixth, who a special group of Fourths would “one day” (pardon me) call “Ignotus”, encountered Darkness and questioned its existence. But Darkness dismissed the Sixth’s questioning and demanded the whereabouts of the other 5 and The Leader. The SixthContinue reading “Darkness, God and the Architect [Translated for the Mind of a Third]”

And Then The Darkness Came [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 3 of how “us” began. The 6 Guardians, also known as The “Sixths”, acknowledged the awareness of the Fourths and watched the advanced society peacefully from their post. “Time”, as a Third would say,  passed and Darkness never reached Earth. God, The Leader, was so very impressed with The 6, that he offered themContinue reading “And Then The Darkness Came [Translated for the Mind of a Third]”

We Were [are] Protected by the 7

Part 2 of how “us” began. Darkness “slipped” through, unseen by The Guardians. As The Leader pushed further through the new cosmos, building new worlds, new civilizations, Darkness trailed, corrupting The Leader’s new built civilizations.  Of course The Leader was aware of Darkness’s presence, but another battle would destroy the new cosmos that The LeaderContinue reading “We Were [are] Protected by the 7”

Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Back to the Future)

The following posts will be on a topic that I have a love hate relationship with, Time Travel. I enjoy watching most Time Travel movies, with the exception that they do it right (which is basically never) , and love analyzing the alternate timelines that the protagonist and their companions create when breaking the space-timeContinue reading “Those Time Travel Paradoxes (Back to the Future)”

The Pessimist’s Optimistic Way to Obtain World Peace

People of our societies often view world peace as the solution to all world issues. “The end of wars will result in the end of poverty, inequality, pain, suffering, hunger, conflict”.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Frankly there is no possible way to prove that the end of wars would initially bring about world peace mainly because worldContinue reading “The Pessimist’s Optimistic Way to Obtain World Peace”