Fictitious Future Fridays #3

If you haven’t already, feel fread to read the Fictitious Future Fridays #2 in order to participate in this week’s…… Now that you’ve chosen whatever location that magic spark has taken you and you’ve selected your tour guide, it’s time to face a crossroad in your journey. Whether you want to explore the galaxy withContinue reading “Fictitious Future Fridays #3”

Fictitous Future Fridays

A spark of light falls from the sky and lands in some grounds near you. It turns out to be a glowing magic rock that has the ability to transport you across reality, space and time. You reach down and grab it. Where does it take you? Why have you chosen this place? My answer:Continue reading “Fictitous Future Fridays”

Intermission. Shall we Depart? [Translated For the Mind of a Third]

He tried to squeeze his hand in-between the space of the television and the wall, reaching for the remote batteries. His middle finger gently scratched the surface of one battery but not enough to pull it near him. He placed his specs on the shelf closest to him after realizing that they were prohibiting hisContinue reading “Intermission. Shall we Depart? [Translated For the Mind of a Third]”

A Post When You Have Already Finished

One of the aspects of life I ruminate the most on is indefinitely time. I often linger in my thoughts, in my sleep, questioning and hoping one day I unravel how it works. If it exists only to the human race as a unit in order to quantify what we call life. If there existsContinue reading “A Post When You Have Already Finished”