You, Me and Darkness Itself [Translated for the Mind of a Third]

Part 5 of how “us” began. The Guardians stared at the leader, perplexed. What had the emergence of Darkness meant? All 6 Guardians assumed that coercive action was the best move; outnumber Darkness and destroy it. The Leader, God, was quick to contradict and said “leave it be”. 5 of the Guardians agreed with theContinue reading “You, Me and Darkness Itself [Translated for the Mind of a Third]”

We Were [are] Protected by the 7

Part 2 of how “us” began. Darkness “slipped” through, unseen by The Guardians. As The Leader pushed further through the new cosmos, building new worlds, new civilizations, Darkness trailed, corrupting The Leader’s new built civilizations.  Of course The Leader was aware of Darkness’s presence, but another battle would destroy the new cosmos that The LeaderContinue reading “We Were [are] Protected by the 7”

Dreams. An Interference by Beings of an Imperceptible Plane

Perhaps dreams are simply an interference from beings who reside on another, imperceptible, plane of space and time. These beings exist only suggest or design the imaginary scape that we call dreams. They are the factors which alter the physics in our dreams, place the characters/projections, the landscape and the idea. Sort of what CobbContinue reading “Dreams. An Interference by Beings of an Imperceptible Plane”

Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe

A question which troubles me on the daily is the meaning of dreams. There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories to what the meanings of dreams are. All of which I have considered but have not entirely accepted. After having a dream journal for about a year and half now, I have seen aContinue reading “Dreams. A Subconscious Link Through the Works of the Universe”